Best Bars And Night Clubs In Brisbane?

Brisbane’s Best Bars and Night Clubs For Going Out

Best Bars in Brisbane

One of the nice things about visiting or living in Brisbane is that there are a number of awesome bars and night clubs.

You might want a night out with your friends or you may be interested in meeting new people, finding someone to spend the night with or even hearing the best new dance remixes.

Before you can head out on the town, however, you probably want to know where good bars in Brisbane are located.

You will find some of the top choices, below:


Bars Brisbane City And CBD

There are many great Brisbane CBD bars for you to take a look at.

t doesn’t matter what type of bar you are looking for, from a casual pub to a classy wine bar, you can find them all in the CBD. Here are a few that you won’t want to miss:

Grape Therapy Wine Merchants and Drinking Den – 471 Adelaide Street
If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of an old gentlemen’s club, Grape Therapy is going to be an amazing choice. The bar and wine shop offers wine, champagne and spirits for your enjoyment.

You will also find a coffee bar with exotic blends, a cheese bar where you will find outstanding pairings and you can even take advantage of their wine shop if you want to bring a bottle home.

When it comes to wine bars in Brisbane CBD, this is a good place to start.

The Gresham Bar – 308 Queen Street
The Gresham Bar is a Brisbane CBD bar that is best known for its bourbon and whiskey. The look of the bar is a mix of cigar bar/gentleman’s club, something right out of a scene from Mad Men.

At The Gresham Bar, you will find a unique mix of bourbon and whiskey from all over the world, some of which are not found anywhere else in Brisbane. Cocktails are also available and a gorgeous terrace is open for mingling on warm nights.

Euro Garden Bar – Spencer Lane
Many don’t realise that Euro Garden Bar is at the end of Spencer Lane, but once they discover this urban oasis, they always come back for more.

The Euro Garden Bar is one of the Brisbane bars in the CBD that offers an extensive wine list along with ciders and boutique beers.

They also have a menu featuring delicious food including fresh prawns, BBQ, salads and more. This is a informal place, and ideal for casual evenings.

The Exchange Hotel – 131 Edward Street
When it comes to great bars in the Brisbane CBD, The Exchange Hotel deserves a look. Here you will find one of Brisbane’s oldest bars, though you likely won’t notice thanks to its modern looks.

The bar at the hotel is on the roof and offers a charming place to meet friends or dates for drinks. Beer, wine and cocktails are all offered, as is a small menu featuring casual food like pizza.

The Laneway – Spencer Lane
Spencer Lane is a hidden area of the city that has a couple amazing Brisbane city bars, The Laneway, being one of them.

This bar is located upstairs from the Euro and Urbane complex and offers cider, wine, boutique beers and traditional cocktails.

Keep in mind that this is not a party bar, most people come here for a mellow evening.

The Kitty – Treasury Casino, Queen Street
The Kitty, which is located in the Treasury Casino, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep in mind, if you hit up this bar in the Brisbane CBD, that they only serve food during certain hours.

However, you will find great craft beers, wine, cocktails and cider at the bar. The Kitty is a great choice for elegance and timeless ambiance.

Super Whatnot Bar – 48 Burnett Lane
Super Whatnot is simply a cool Brisbane city bar that occupies an old beauty school. Though small, Super Whatnot offers top shelf spirits, high quality wine and a full range of craft beer and cider.

There is no signage to show where Super Whatnot is, so just look for the ‘S’ and ‘W’ that are featured on the exterior wall.

Ryan’s On The Park – 130 William Street
Ryan’s On The Park is one of the bars in Brisbane city that are all about class. Here, you will find only the finest wine and spirits, along with high class menu offerings like shucked oysters.

The bar is located overlooking Queen’s Garden Square, so you will also find amazing views of the city.

Platform Bar – 270 Ann Street
Platform Bar is a hot spot for those working in the CBD, especially when unwinding on Friday evenings. This is one of the city bars in Brisbane where you can find reasonably priced wine and spirits to help you relax and prepare for the weekend.

Platform Bar is also open during the morning and features coffee, muffins and toast, all freshly prepared.

Cool New Bars in Brisbane

Now that you know some of the bars in the CBD, you also should know about some of the new bars in Brisbane.

These bars are new on the scene and offer new concepts and venues to explore in the Brisbane area. Though new bars are opening all the time, here are some that you should certainly check out:

The Triffid Beer Garden – 7-9 Stratton Street
Though the Triffid is a well known concert venue in Brisbane, their new Triffid Beer Garden only opened a couple of months ago.

Here, you will find cold beer on tap, including their exclusive Triffid Ale.

The bar also serves wine and spirits and is one of the top new bars in Brisbane.

Jahh Tiger Rum & Jerk Shack – 3/4 Park Road
When it comes to new Brisbane bars, Jahh Tiger Rum & Jerk Shack is a ‘must see.’ This is a Jamaican themed bar with great food and drinks. Their food is truly Jamaican with offerings like jerk chicken.

If you are looking for bars, however, you want to know that this is a great place to drink, and it is. There are heaps of rum offerings as well as beer, wine and other spirits to indulge in.

The End – 73 Vulture Street
The End is, as you may expect, in the West End area and is one of the best new bars in Brisbane.

It replaced Trash Video and has since been highly reviewed when it comes to their food, drinks and ambiance. The bar offers their own unique brews including ale and boutique cider.

Longtime – 610 Ann Street
Longtime is one of the Brisbane new bars that you should certainly check out. This is a Thai themed bar and restaurant that features their own beer, Horny Elephant Ale.

In addition, they have great food, they are open later than other bars in the area and sponsors events that are great for meeting people.

What Are the Best Bars in Brisbane?

Though the new bars in the Brisbane area are great, it is also good to revisit some of the city’s favourite hangout spots.

So what are the best bars in Brisbane?

Here are a few:

John Mills Himself – 40 Charlotte Street
John Mills Himself is a very highly rated bar thanks to their amazing drink menu and their dedication to be the best bar in Brisbane.

In addition to offering craft beer and spirits, you can also find a delicious cup of coffee. Whether you stop on the way to work for a latte or grab a beer on your way home from work, John Mills Himself is an amazing choice.

Black Bird Bar & Grill – 123 Eagle Street
Another option when it comes to the best Brisbane bars is Black Bird. The main reason this bar is listed as one of the best in the city is the attention to detail they put into their cocktails.

Ordering a drink at Black Bird Bar & Grill will not only deliver a refreshing beverage, you will also get a great show as you watch various spirits and mixers become works of art.

Mr & Mrs G – 1 Eagle Street
Another best bar in Brisbane you should visit is Mr & Mrs G. Here you will find a very stylish bar that features a number of higher end cocktails and boutique wines you may have never tried before. If you get hungry, they also have Mediterranean themed bar food that is quite good.

Jeremy’s Bar & Bistro – 93 Albert Street
Jeremy’s is one of the best in Brisbane thanks to their amazing craft beer selection and extensive wine list. The other reason why Jeremy’s is one of the best is that it is affordable.

Though it is certainly not a dive bar, it is welcoming, yet trendy. Though you will find wines that are several hundred dollars a bottle, you will also find selections under $40 and even $25.

Finding a Wine Bar in Brisbane

Speaking of wine, you would be amiss to not take in some of the great Brisbane wine bars.

Australia is known all over the world for their fantastic wines and you can sample most, if not all of them, at one of the many wine bars in the city.

For those who are interested in spending the evening with a couple glasses of vino, make sure to check out the following wine bars:

Fix Wine Bar – 40 Edward Street
Located in the Port Office Hotel, Fix Wine Bar is definitely a wine bar in Brisbane that all wine lovers should visit. The bar was made with wine lovers in mind and also offers craft beer and cocktails.

There is outdoor seating available, limited release wines are on the menu and thanks to their extensive wine list, you will find something to please any palate.

Moo Moo The Wine Bar and Grill – 39 Edward Street
Though Moo Moo is well known for being a steak house, you can skip the meal if you choose and cosy up with a glass of wine, too.

There are over 900 different wines to choose from that have been imported from all over the world including France, Italy and the US.

Moo Moo also has the distinction of being chosen as having one of the best wine lists in 2013 by Gourmet Traveller.

Bar Barossa – 545 Queen Street
When looking for wine in Brisbane, Bar Barossa is another great choice. Here you will find your favourite whites and reds along with fortified wine, champagne and dessert wine. They also carry a very nice selection of craft beer, cider and spirits.

Claret House – 36 Vernon Terrace
Claret House is a Brisbane wine bar that is just as well known for their outstanding wine list as they are for their food.

The wine list is extensive, with selections available from all over the world as well as local and house wines. Wine is available by the glass or bottle, and they also have beer and spirits on the menu.

Brew Cafe & Wine Bar – Lower Burnett Lane
Though Brew is a Brisbane wine bar, it is also a craft beer bar, a cider bar, a coffee/tea bar and don’t forget to add the tapas and small plates.

Basically, you can go to Brew and easily stay all night thanks to the selections they offer. When it comes to wine, you will find reds, whites, moscato and champagne, sure to please any wine drinker.

What Are The Best Cocktail Bars In Brisbane?

Though wine is great, sometimes you just want a good cocktail and Brisbane can surely deliver.

There are a number of amazing cocktail bars in the city that serve up everything from a traditional G&T to crazy combinations you have never heard of before.

Here are a few of the best Brisbane cocktail bars:

Strauss – 189 Elizabeth Street
By day, Strauss is a coffee shop but every afternoon at 3pm, it transforms to one of the best cocktail bars in Brisbane.

Though the bar has some great homemade combinations like a sweet cocktail featuring vanilla syrup, pear juice, black walnut bitters and Gosling’s rum, you can also order your favourite classic cocktails as well.

Lychee Lounge – 2/94 Boundary Street
Lychee Lounge is a quirky, trendy destination for those looking for some of the best cocktails in Brisbane. The cocktail list is huge and features a number of signature cocktails such as the Ms.

Honey Rye made with Wild Turkey Rye, cranberry, honey and grapefruit. They also offer a number of highballs and classic cocktails like Manhattan’s, margaritas and bloody marys.

Public – 400 George Street
Public is another Brisbane cocktail bar that is known for both its drinks and its food. They have a number of amazing options when it comes to cocktails including many signature drinks.

In addition to their well known cocktails, Public also offers beer, cider and wine. Your best bet for a great evening at Public is to bring a friend or two, order a cocktail and share a plate.

Below 7 Lounge Bar – 190 Elizabeth Street
Below 7 Lounge Bar is located in the Hilton Hotel on Elizabeth Street. This is one of the more charming and sophisticated cocktail bars in the Brisbane CBD and can be a bit more on the formal side in the evening.

Red Hook – 88 Creek Street
You will also find Red Hook included on the list of where you can get a great cocktail in Brisbane.

This is a bar and restaurant that offers an American twist on their offerings from food like mac and cheese squares and fried pickles to cocktails like the New York Cheesecake made with Grey Goose vodka, raspberries, vanilla and a crushed biscuit rim.

Night Clubs In Brisbane

Though bars are great, when it comes to a weekend night, sometimes you just want to let loose and dance. There is where you will want to know about some of the best night clubs in Brisbane.

Whether you are looking for something trendy and fashionable or a place where you can simply let your hair down and relax, Brisbane can provide them all:

Friday’s Bar & Nightclub – 123 Eagle St
Friday’s nightclub is a Brisbane institution and if you haven’t been to Friday’s yourself, you have certainly heard of it from someone you know.

As one of the most well known night clubs in Brisbane, Friday’s offers the night club experience each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

There is a dress code, but it’s fairly casual, so most people don’t have a problem sticking with it.

The Family Night Club – 8 McLachlan Street
Though located in the Valley, The Family is still considered to be one of the best night clubs in Brisbane.

The club is comfortable, welcoming and totally fun, featuring DJ’s, top music, amazing drinks and several levels to choose from depending on what you are looking for. You will find techno, Top 40 and even a place to escape and chill with a nice drink.

The Stock Exchange – 131 Edward Street
When looking into clubs in Brisbane city, you are sure to stumble upon The Stock Exchange at some point. This is a club that is best known for the events they have each weekend.

You can dance, meet new people, drink cocktails and have a no-frills night out when you go to The Stock Exchange.

The Dome – 383 Adelaide
Another choice when looking for nightclubs in Brisbane is The Dome. This club offers two different levels, both featuring DJ’s and three different bars.

Though most people come to The Dome for dancing, if you want to rest, you will also find a number of couches and tables to sit at. They also have a few pool tables if you need a break.

The Met – 256 Wickham
Located in the Valley, The Met is another top pick for the best Brisbane nightclubs. This club has three different dance floors offering a bit of variety, perfect for any partier.

You will find R&B, techno and house music at The Met along with great drink specials and fun.

Bars and Night Clubs In The Valley (Fortitude Valley)

Though there have been a few bars and nightclubs in the Valley listed above, this area of the city needs a section all its own when it comes to nightlife.

Known for its party atmosphere, you can find anything and everything when it comes to bars and nightclubs in Fortitude Valley, including the following:

At Sixes & Sevens – 67 James Street
At Sixes & Sevens is one of the typical Brisbane valley bars and is highly recommended when you want to get a taste of what Fortitude Valley is all about.

The interior has a vintage style, they have a beautiful veranda and the food and drinks are some of the best around. Beer, cider, wine and spirits are all available at this Valley hangout.

Cru Bar – 22 James Street
Cru Bar is one of the bars in the Brisbane Valley that immediately shows off its classy side to customers.

This is an award winning restaurant with an extensive wine list . You will also find beer and cider on tap, bottled beers and spirits including gin, vodka, whiskey and absinthe.

Papa Jacks – 25 Connor Street
Papa Jacks is the type of place that you wouldn’t expect to find in Brisbane, but when it comes to bars in the Valley near Brisbane, anything goes.

This is a New Orleans themed restaurant and bar featuring great food and drinks from the ‘Big Easy.’ Burgers, traditional Creole fare, live music and drinks with the option of being served in a coconut shell are just a few of the things you will find at Papa Jacks.

The Press Club – 339 Brunswick Street
When it comes to Brisbane Valley nightclubs, The Press Club is one of the finer locations. This is the ultimate venue that offers a lot of class and luxury.

You will find a number of different options at The Press Club including live jazz. They also offer burlesque shows, outstanding cocktails and booth bookings available.

X&Y Bar – 648 Ann Street
X&Y Bar is the ultimate ‘come as you are’ bar and is certainly one of the best choices for anyone looking in Brisbane at the Valley nightlife.

X&Y Bar is a little bit bar, little bit nightclub and little bit live music venue, which gives it a lot of charm, something that many believe the Valley is lacking these days. Come in, order a cocktail and relive how the Valley used to be at X&Y Bar.


Most people don’t think of Brisbane as an international night life spot, but the truth is, there is a lot to do in ‘Bris Vegas’ once the sun goes down.

From cosy and casual bars and pubs that easily accommodate the after work crowd to the nightclubs that hold wall-to-wall people each weekend night, you will find it all when you start looking into the best bars and nightclubs in Brisbane.