Casual Encounters Brisbane: The Guys Guide To Hooking Up

Hookup More Casual Encounters In Brisbane By Knowing This

Online dating is a fantastic way to find casual encounters in Brisbane.

The Internet is filled with people who are living in your local area and want to hook up for sex.

If you only hang out at pubs and clubs you might not meet everyone who wants casual encounters, but you might find them on the Internet.

The web gives you an easy way to find singles who are only looking for casual sex and fast hookups.

So if you’re wanting to just keep things casual for a while and avoid a full-time relationship, this is the guide for you.

Let’s get started with how you can hookup in Brisbane…

6 Ways To Get Laid More In Brisbane

To hook up and get laid more in Brisbane there’s a few basics you need to know, and as they say, knowledge is power.

Here are just 6 ways you can get more sex in Brissie…

1 – Find People On Casual Sex Sites

You can find casual encounters easily with people who want the same kind of simple and casual relationship that you do by starting on the web.

Serious relationships are not right for everyone, and many people just want casual encounters.

By joining one or more casual sex sites in Brisbane you’ll have access to an almost unlimited amount of local singles looking for sex.

Most are free to join and some will charge a fee for additional things such as direct messaging.

Most casual dating sites are under $50 a month to have unlimited access to their members and all services allowing you to connect with local singles.

Seeing as a night out on the town would set you back at least $100, the $50 a month is a small price to pay for such easy access to only singles interested in casual hookups.

When you go out, it’s the chance game that you’ll get a one night stand, let alone find a regular fuck buddy.

With online sex sites, your chances increase purely because of the number of singles, let alone the fact that they’re actively putting their profile online to find sex too!

2 – Setup An Online Dating Profile To Attract The Right People

Online dating is the best way to meet someone looking for sex, especially if you are upfront about what you want with the people who read your profile.

Chatting to people online is fun, because you will get to know them first, and once you have had a chat you can arrange to meet up for sex.

Online, you can meet people who share the same interests as you in sex, and who don’t want anything too serious or committed.

So when you setup your profile remember these tips…

  • Add lots of photos of you in various situations (first impressions are everything)
  • Put some thought into your text and write something interesting about yourself (people like to meet with like-minded people, so make sure you let them know about yourself)
  • Don’t be rough or gross with your sex requests and preferences (if someone doesn’t know you, it can be perceived differently than it sounds to you)

3 – Improve Your Inner Game To Become More Attractive

Knowing what to say and what to do in any situation relating to the opposite sex is a must if you’re to maximise your attraction and get laid more.

This is what’s known as your ‘inner game’ (aka ‘mental game’).

That’s why it’s important to increase your knowledge of the opposite sex to know what they’re thinking and what’s important to them in all of your interactions.

Guys particularly are known for being not-so-great on the communication side of things.

So knowing how to talk to girls can drastically improve your level of attraction to women.

And you’ll also then be able to take more of this attraction and convert it into awesome sexual encounters.

Speaking of which…

4 – Improve Your Sex Game To Be A Better Fuck Buddy

How would you (or your ex partners) rate you on a scale of 1 to 10 in the sex department?

We can all improve, and some more than others.

No matter where you’re at on the scale, you can always get better.

The way to do this is first with information, then it’s down to the fun part… practice!

Search the web for information and advice about sex tips for guys or sex tips for women to find out more about what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right, or what the opposite sex wants more of from you.

5 – Always Be Confident (Advice For Guys)

To be attractive to the opposite sex, particularly for guys, confidence is imperative.

Remember that people aren’t as attracted to someone who is shy or unsure of themselves.

If you are confident about who you are and what you want in life, you will attract the right people.

If you carry yourself with an air of confidence, you will naturally attract women.

It’s not necessarily about being good looking. Women have more attraction signals than men do.

For women, signs such as confidence and self-assuredness as one of their attraction signals.

Whereas for men, it’s pretty much all about the woman’s looks, body, or specific body parts in particular that attract them.

To attract woman naturally, walk with your chin up, your shoulders back and walk with purpose to attract women naturally.

Then, with the addition of your new found ‘inner’ game you’re armed and ready for any situation and will know how to move it in the direction of a casual encounter.

6 – Have a Sense Of Humour To Attract Girls Naturally

Having a sense of humour, and being funny is a natural way to draw people to you, particular the opposite sex.

Being funny and having fun is a must if you are going to get more casual encounters in Brisbane.

Relax and enjoy the ride. The most important thing is that you meet new people and have fun with them.

You can try new things and new people, and if you are not happy you can move on.

4 Things Women Want From Their Casual Sex Buddy (Advice For Guys)

If you want to get more casual encounters in Brisbane, you need to know what women want from you as their sex buddy.

Many guys are attracted to the idea of casual hookups but when your mindset is ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’, women tend to get hurt.

So if you are a man who wishes to enter into casual sex and to perhaps keep a friends with benefits arrangement, you will need to keep respect and consideration at the forefront of your mind.

The following are 4 things that Brisbane women will still expect of you, even if your relationship is casual.

Texting and Calling Your Casual Sex Partner

The ideal scenario for a casual relationship would be for both people to want the same thing; sex.

Nonetheless, when your partner contacts you it is important that you respond in a timely fashion.

If your sex buddy texts you about meeting up and you are not able, it is essential that you let her know.

If you fail to respond, your girl will get the impression that you lack respect for her, and this will usually lead to the end of your fuck buddy arrangement.

You Will Need To Be Amiable and Friendly

Your casual partner is someone you need to be friendly to. This does not mean you need to be best friends or hang out outside of the bedroom.

But being friendly to your partner is a must. In fact, many sex buddies develop and maintain a friendship with one another that outlasts their sexual relationship.

So do the right thing by her, and you’ll not only get more sex and keep your no strings dating situation going longer, it’ll make it more enjoyable along the way.

You Will Need To Respect Her Space

Presenting the other side of the coin, some women who get involved in a casual relationship will be very protective of their space.

We often talk about women becoming clingy, in these scenarios, but it is equally possible that a man will become clingy as well.

With this in view, it is absolutely imperative that you respect her space. If you get the sense that she is wanting her space, take her cue and her time to come back to you.

If you get needy, she’ll leave… eventually. No woman wants to be with a weak, needy guy.

You Will Need To Meet Her Sexual Needs

Casual encounters tend to be built around satisfying sexual needs.

But some men fall into the trap of focusing either exclusively or primarily on their own sexual pleasure.

When you enter into this kind of arrangement, you will need to demonstrate equal interest in pleasuring your partner. Inquire into what feels nice and what she does not enjoy.

If you fail to do so you will soon find yourself in a situation without a woman to enjoy. Remember, sex should not be a selfish act.

All in all, casual hookups appeal to many individuals because they bring fun, excitement and pleasure into their lives.

However being casual with a woman does not give you the right to disrespect her.

You will need to take into consideration the above mentioned factors in order to make your partner feel appreciated.

After all, the more willing you are to respect and please your casual partner the longer you will be able to carry out your casual relationship.

Respect is, therefore, a win-win quality.

Now you have four more things to keep in mind with your casual dating arrangements.

Stick to these rules and you’ll enjoy more casual sex. Ignore them and you’ll be stuck with ‘PALMela HANDerson’.

Now that you’re aware of a few of the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to sex buddy situations, let’s continue on with some relationship-ending behaviours.

3 Things That Can Cause a Fuck Buddy Relationship Meltdown

To avoid a fuck buddy relationship meltdown there are a few things you need to avoid doing.

Since more people are seeking out casual encounters in Brisbane, you will also find that there are many questions about this ‘new’ type of relationship.

When you get into a no strings dating situation with someone, you may think that this ‘easy’ relationship can last as long as you like it to.

This, however, is not the case. Instead, there are a few things that can cause a total meltdown when it comes to your casual relationship.

Here are 3 of them:

1 – One Partner Starts Developing Feelings for the Other

One of the most common causes of a casual relationship meltdown is when one partner begins to develop feelings for the other. This can be detrimental in a number of ways.

First of all, if you begin developing feeling for your casual sex partner, you will likely want to become committed to them…the exact opposite of what this type of relationship should be.

Most people will go into this type of relationship to avoid a committed relationship and if you are in this situation, you should know that your casual arrangement could be facing a meltdown.

Take control and consider how your relationship started and where your focus was.

Also consider your sex buddy. What do they want or expect from your arrangement?

Have the courage to have a chat about your true feeling if you have to.

But be prepared to take some rejection, because going from a casual arrangement to a full time relationship is not always wanted by both parties.

Don’t be one of those people who throws a tantrum if you don’t get what you want out of a relationship.

Have the courage to take some rejection, and move on to your next relationship.

2 – One Partner Meets Someone New and Wants a Serious Relationship

Another thing you may run into when it comes to a casual relationship is that you or your partner may be fine seeing the other casually, but you meet someone else that you want to be serious with.

This happens fairly often on the casual sex scene and you shouldn’t be surprised if it is something that occurs to you either as the one who finds another or the one who was left in the process.

Remember, since you are not committed to each other when in a casual sex situation, you are free to see others, as is your partner.

Don’t be a ghost. If this situation arises, have the decency to communicate this change to your sex buddy and thank them for the good times you shared together.

3 – One Partner Isn’t Satisfied

Finally, you will find that a casual relationship can totally melt down if one partner is not satisfied in the bedroom.

This is a relationship that is almost exclusively based on sex. Since this is the case, if the sex isn’t good, there is no reason to stick around in this type of relationship.

Though it is totally possible that you will find that you get into some type of friendship with this person, in most cases, it won’t be enough to have them stick around.

If you are the one who is not satisfied in the relationship, you also have the choice to leave if things do not get better.

Talking to your partner or telling them what you like in the bedroom is an option, of course, but since this is a relationship only based on sex, you may find that it is better to just go find a new partner.

It depends on the connection you have with this person.

The old saying, ‘treat someone how you want to be treated’ best applies here.

Some people, especially those who have never been in a relationship like this before, believe that this is an easy relationship to enter into.

However, there are certainly things that you will need to deal with in a casual relationship, such as this situation, that you will not need to deal with in a more serious relationship.

Some people will be fine with the meltdown of a casual relationship, others will not.

Though it is possible to save this type of relationship is you notice trouble brewing, for most people, it is not worth the time or effort.

Keep in mind, when you get into a casual relationship like this, if it fails, there is a new partner waiting right around the corner.

Adult Stores Brisbane – 14 Of Brissie’s Best Sex Shops!

Spice Up Your Sex Life With The Best Adult Stores In Brisbane!

Walking inside adult stores in Brisbane can both be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.

You have an idea of what you want. However, you’re not sure of what you need and how to go about it while in the store.

We’re here to make it an easier, fun, and pleasurable experience for you!

We’ve made a list of popular adult stores in Brisbane.

These stores have everything to fulfil your needs, fantasies, desires, special interests, and passions:

• Anal Plugs
• Blow Up Sex Dolls
• Bondage
• Condoms
• Cock Rings
• Dildos
• Edible Underwear
• Flesh Lights
• Life-Like Sex Dolls
• Lingerie
• Lubricants
• Magazines
• Masturbators
• Movies
• Novelty Items
• Party Games
• Penis Pumps
• Stimulators
• Strap-Ons
• Vibrators

Brisbane’s Best Adult Stores

So if you want to have more fun in the bedroom, try something different, experiment with new forms of self-pleasure, role play, or simply spice up your love life… keep reading to find out the best adult stores in Brisbane!

Give in to temptation and discover some of the most unique, interesting, and definitely fun sex toys in the city.

Double the fun and bring your partner with you. Ignite your passion while exploring the exciting world of adult play.

Let’s get into it…


1. Everything Adult

Browse through one of the most extensive adult-themed catalogues in Brisbane.

From “A” as in “Anal” to “V” as in “Vibrator”, Everything Adult has everything couples need to have a fun and exciting time.

The store sells top-quality products from 30 brand name vendors such as Ansell, Doc Johnson, Jimmyjane, and XR Brands.

93 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

2. Club X 

Step inside the largest adult store in Australia!

Club X has fun items for self-pleasure such as masturbators, flesh bots, and dildos. It also sells toys for adventurous couples like strap-ons and enhancers.

Feeling sexy? Club X has lingerie with a built-in vibrator!

199 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

3. Be Daring The Adult Shop

Dare to be different with your partner by shopping at one of Australia’s oldest adult stores.

Be Daring has been selling top-of-the-line sex toys and fun products for couples the past 25 years.

Take your pick among the best lubes, vibrators, strap-ons, masturbators, and lingerie from the top brands in the business.

725 Gympie Road, Chermside

4. Naughty But Nice

Bring your significant other to any one of Naughty But Nice’s 9 locations in Brisbane. Choose sex toys for him or her.

Naughty But Nice is also one of the few adult stores in Brisbane that sells the Ultimate Fantasy dolls.

These dolls are very life-like; fully-poseable, stand over 5 feet tall, with material that feels like real skin and designed to be “anatomically correct”!

Get ready to put more fun, fire, and passion in your love life!

199 Moggill Road, Taringa

5. Naked Passion

Explore an adult-themed playground at Naked Passion. It has all the toys couples want for fun and exciting sex play!

For more than 10 years, Naked Passion has been selling branded dildos, masturbators for men, cock rings, and sexy wear for him and her.

Don’t know what you want? Naked Passion’s salespeople can help you out.

13/1102 Beaudesert Road, Acacia Ridge

6. Totally Adult 

Get lost in an adult wonderland with more than 2,000 products in stock!

Totally Adult claims it is the biggest adult store in Brisbane and it will be hard to disagree.

The store has something for every interest. If you don’t know for sure what you need, go to their website. They have articles to give you all the information you need on every kind of sex toy.

1/7 Dayboro Road, Petrie

7. Black Rabbit Premium Leather 

Looking for some bondage or S & M action?

Look no further than Black Rabbit Premium Leather adult store. It has the seal of approval from no other than Mistress Satet, a former bondage performer and owner of a real S&M dungeon.

All of the toys and sex play products sold in the store were personally tested by Mistress Satet and her legion of more than 1,000 followers.

If it’s good enough for the Mistress, it’s certainly great for you!

7/500 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Seventeen Mile Rocks

8. Eve’s Kiss Adult Shop

Come inside Eve’s Kiss Adult Shop where “discreet” shopping is at its finest! Eve’s well-trained and highly-attentive all-female sales team will make you feel right at home.

If you’re looking for unique and never- before- seen adult sex play products, Eve’s Adult Shop has them!

Ask the staff about “Luminous G-Spot Vibrator”, “Nipple Clamps”, “Clit Kisser”, “Giant Family Horny Hand”, and “The Butt Freak Kit”.

88 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

9. Adult Emporium

Dig into the wide variety of sex toys, masturbators, dildos, masturbators, and strap-ons at Adult Emporium which has been in business since 2000.

What is the secret to Adult Emporium’s success? Loyal customers say Adult Emporium has excellent customer service.

Feel free to ask the customer service team how to use a “Double Penetrator Strap-On” or the best lubricant to use for the “Ass-gasm Explosion Kit”.

41 Hudson Road, Albion

10. The Den Adult Concepts

Dare to be different! Instead of a movie or a cup of coffee, why not bring your special someone to The Den Adult Concepts? For sure, you’ll find something else to do after your visit!

Whatever your interest or favourite sexual pleasure is, The Den Adult Concepts store will have it.

They sell everything: Anal Plugs, Cock Rings, Pussy and Penis Cloning Kits from the most reputable brands.

187 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

11. Adult Pleasures

Looking for the latest innovations in sex toys? Step inside Adult Pleasures and take your pick!

Adult Pleasures specialises in providing couples the newest designs and mind-blowing functions for bedtime playtime.

It’s “We-Vibe” couples vibrator includes an app that allows you to enjoy the company of your partner… anywhere in the world!

114/38 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley

12. Simply Erotix

Satisfy your urges by exploring the many adult sex play products offered by Simply Erotix. Take your time! The store is open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm.

Simply Erotix line of sex toys covers all kinds of special interests. You will find what you need whether you are LGBT, into BDSM, or if you want to take self-pleasure to another level!

5/259 Stafford Road, Stafford

13. Fancy Sex Store

Have you fantasized about “getting it on” with your favourite porn star? Fantasize no longer by heading to Fancy Sex Store’s online shop!

Fancy Sex Store is well-known for its extensive collection of masturbators that have been moulded after popular porn stars.

These masturbators are made of patented CyberSkin technology which has the feel and give of real skin!

Collingwood Park, Brisbane

14. Kinky Klosett

Spice up your sex play by dressing up in some of the most exciting, revealing, and titillating lingerie that hardly leaves anything to the imagination!

Kinky Klosett specialises in intimate wear. You can have your pick of lingerie, latex suits, leather wear, costumes, and body stockings.

They also sell an impressive collection of dildos, penis pumps, masturbators, lubes, vibrators, and toys for anal pleasure.

221 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

So if you’re looking for the best adult stores in Brisbane to help spice things up in the bedroom, visit one of the above stores and take your sexual pleasures to the next level!

Best Bars And Night Clubs In Brisbane?

Brisbane’s Best Bars and Night Clubs For Going Out

Best Bars in Brisbane

One of the nice things about visiting or living in Brisbane is that there are a number of awesome bars and night clubs.

You might want a night out with your friends or you may be interested in meeting new people, finding someone to spend the night with or even hearing the best new dance remixes.

Before you can head out on the town, however, you probably want to know where good bars in Brisbane are located.

You will find some of the top choices, below:


Bars Brisbane City And CBD

There are many great Brisbane CBD bars for you to take a look at.

t doesn’t matter what type of bar you are looking for, from a casual pub to a classy wine bar, you can find them all in the CBD. Here are a few that you won’t want to miss:

Grape Therapy Wine Merchants and Drinking Den – 471 Adelaide Street
If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of an old gentlemen’s club, Grape Therapy is going to be an amazing choice. The bar and wine shop offers wine, champagne and spirits for your enjoyment.

You will also find a coffee bar with exotic blends, a cheese bar where you will find outstanding pairings and you can even take advantage of their wine shop if you want to bring a bottle home.

When it comes to wine bars in Brisbane CBD, this is a good place to start.

The Gresham Bar – 308 Queen Street
The Gresham Bar is a Brisbane CBD bar that is best known for its bourbon and whiskey. The look of the bar is a mix of cigar bar/gentleman’s club, something right out of a scene from Mad Men.

At The Gresham Bar, you will find a unique mix of bourbon and whiskey from all over the world, some of which are not found anywhere else in Brisbane. Cocktails are also available and a gorgeous terrace is open for mingling on warm nights.

Euro Garden Bar – Spencer Lane
Many don’t realise that Euro Garden Bar is at the end of Spencer Lane, but once they discover this urban oasis, they always come back for more.

The Euro Garden Bar is one of the Brisbane bars in the CBD that offers an extensive wine list along with ciders and boutique beers.

They also have a menu featuring delicious food including fresh prawns, BBQ, salads and more. This is a informal place, and ideal for casual evenings.

The Exchange Hotel – 131 Edward Street
When it comes to great bars in the Brisbane CBD, The Exchange Hotel deserves a look. Here you will find one of Brisbane’s oldest bars, though you likely won’t notice thanks to its modern looks.

The bar at the hotel is on the roof and offers a charming place to meet friends or dates for drinks. Beer, wine and cocktails are all offered, as is a small menu featuring casual food like pizza.

The Laneway – Spencer Lane
Spencer Lane is a hidden area of the city that has a couple amazing Brisbane city bars, The Laneway, being one of them.

This bar is located upstairs from the Euro and Urbane complex and offers cider, wine, boutique beers and traditional cocktails.

Keep in mind that this is not a party bar, most people come here for a mellow evening.

The Kitty – Treasury Casino, Queen Street
The Kitty, which is located in the Treasury Casino, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep in mind, if you hit up this bar in the Brisbane CBD, that they only serve food during certain hours.

However, you will find great craft beers, wine, cocktails and cider at the bar. The Kitty is a great choice for elegance and timeless ambiance.

Super Whatnot Bar – 48 Burnett Lane
Super Whatnot is simply a cool Brisbane city bar that occupies an old beauty school. Though small, Super Whatnot offers top shelf spirits, high quality wine and a full range of craft beer and cider.

There is no signage to show where Super Whatnot is, so just look for the ‘S’ and ‘W’ that are featured on the exterior wall.

Ryan’s On The Park – 130 William Street
Ryan’s On The Park is one of the bars in Brisbane city that are all about class. Here, you will find only the finest wine and spirits, along with high class menu offerings like shucked oysters.

The bar is located overlooking Queen’s Garden Square, so you will also find amazing views of the city.

Platform Bar – 270 Ann Street
Platform Bar is a hot spot for those working in the CBD, especially when unwinding on Friday evenings. This is one of the city bars in Brisbane where you can find reasonably priced wine and spirits to help you relax and prepare for the weekend.

Platform Bar is also open during the morning and features coffee, muffins and toast, all freshly prepared.

Cool New Bars in Brisbane

Now that you know some of the bars in the CBD, you also should know about some of the new bars in Brisbane.

These bars are new on the scene and offer new concepts and venues to explore in the Brisbane area. Though new bars are opening all the time, here are some that you should certainly check out:

The Triffid Beer Garden – 7-9 Stratton Street
Though the Triffid is a well known concert venue in Brisbane, their new Triffid Beer Garden only opened a couple of months ago.

Here, you will find cold beer on tap, including their exclusive Triffid Ale.

The bar also serves wine and spirits and is one of the top new bars in Brisbane.

Jahh Tiger Rum & Jerk Shack – 3/4 Park Road
When it comes to new Brisbane bars, Jahh Tiger Rum & Jerk Shack is a ‘must see.’ This is a Jamaican themed bar with great food and drinks. Their food is truly Jamaican with offerings like jerk chicken.

If you are looking for bars, however, you want to know that this is a great place to drink, and it is. There are heaps of rum offerings as well as beer, wine and other spirits to indulge in.

The End – 73 Vulture Street
The End is, as you may expect, in the West End area and is one of the best new bars in Brisbane.

It replaced Trash Video and has since been highly reviewed when it comes to their food, drinks and ambiance. The bar offers their own unique brews including ale and boutique cider.

Longtime – 610 Ann Street
Longtime is one of the Brisbane new bars that you should certainly check out. This is a Thai themed bar and restaurant that features their own beer, Horny Elephant Ale.

In addition, they have great food, they are open later than other bars in the area and sponsors events that are great for meeting people.

What Are the Best Bars in Brisbane?

Though the new bars in the Brisbane area are great, it is also good to revisit some of the city’s favourite hangout spots.

So what are the best bars in Brisbane?

Here are a few:

John Mills Himself – 40 Charlotte Street
John Mills Himself is a very highly rated bar thanks to their amazing drink menu and their dedication to be the best bar in Brisbane.

In addition to offering craft beer and spirits, you can also find a delicious cup of coffee. Whether you stop on the way to work for a latte or grab a beer on your way home from work, John Mills Himself is an amazing choice.

Black Bird Bar & Grill – 123 Eagle Street
Another option when it comes to the best Brisbane bars is Black Bird. The main reason this bar is listed as one of the best in the city is the attention to detail they put into their cocktails.

Ordering a drink at Black Bird Bar & Grill will not only deliver a refreshing beverage, you will also get a great show as you watch various spirits and mixers become works of art.

Mr & Mrs G – 1 Eagle Street
Another best bar in Brisbane you should visit is Mr & Mrs G. Here you will find a very stylish bar that features a number of higher end cocktails and boutique wines you may have never tried before. If you get hungry, they also have Mediterranean themed bar food that is quite good.

Jeremy’s Bar & Bistro – 93 Albert Street
Jeremy’s is one of the best in Brisbane thanks to their amazing craft beer selection and extensive wine list. The other reason why Jeremy’s is one of the best is that it is affordable.

Though it is certainly not a dive bar, it is welcoming, yet trendy. Though you will find wines that are several hundred dollars a bottle, you will also find selections under $40 and even $25.

Finding a Wine Bar in Brisbane

Speaking of wine, you would be amiss to not take in some of the great Brisbane wine bars.

Australia is known all over the world for their fantastic wines and you can sample most, if not all of them, at one of the many wine bars in the city.

For those who are interested in spending the evening with a couple glasses of vino, make sure to check out the following wine bars:

Fix Wine Bar – 40 Edward Street
Located in the Port Office Hotel, Fix Wine Bar is definitely a wine bar in Brisbane that all wine lovers should visit. The bar was made with wine lovers in mind and also offers craft beer and cocktails.

There is outdoor seating available, limited release wines are on the menu and thanks to their extensive wine list, you will find something to please any palate.

Moo Moo The Wine Bar and Grill – 39 Edward Street
Though Moo Moo is well known for being a steak house, you can skip the meal if you choose and cosy up with a glass of wine, too.

There are over 900 different wines to choose from that have been imported from all over the world including France, Italy and the US.

Moo Moo also has the distinction of being chosen as having one of the best wine lists in 2013 by Gourmet Traveller.

Bar Barossa – 545 Queen Street
When looking for wine in Brisbane, Bar Barossa is another great choice. Here you will find your favourite whites and reds along with fortified wine, champagne and dessert wine. They also carry a very nice selection of craft beer, cider and spirits.

Claret House – 36 Vernon Terrace
Claret House is a Brisbane wine bar that is just as well known for their outstanding wine list as they are for their food.

The wine list is extensive, with selections available from all over the world as well as local and house wines. Wine is available by the glass or bottle, and they also have beer and spirits on the menu.

Brew Cafe & Wine Bar – Lower Burnett Lane
Though Brew is a Brisbane wine bar, it is also a craft beer bar, a cider bar, a coffee/tea bar and don’t forget to add the tapas and small plates.

Basically, you can go to Brew and easily stay all night thanks to the selections they offer. When it comes to wine, you will find reds, whites, moscato and champagne, sure to please any wine drinker.

What Are The Best Cocktail Bars In Brisbane?

Though wine is great, sometimes you just want a good cocktail and Brisbane can surely deliver.

There are a number of amazing cocktail bars in the city that serve up everything from a traditional G&T to crazy combinations you have never heard of before.

Here are a few of the best Brisbane cocktail bars:

Strauss – 189 Elizabeth Street
By day, Strauss is a coffee shop but every afternoon at 3pm, it transforms to one of the best cocktail bars in Brisbane.

Though the bar has some great homemade combinations like a sweet cocktail featuring vanilla syrup, pear juice, black walnut bitters and Gosling’s rum, you can also order your favourite classic cocktails as well.

Lychee Lounge – 2/94 Boundary Street
Lychee Lounge is a quirky, trendy destination for those looking for some of the best cocktails in Brisbane. The cocktail list is huge and features a number of signature cocktails such as the Ms.

Honey Rye made with Wild Turkey Rye, cranberry, honey and grapefruit. They also offer a number of highballs and classic cocktails like Manhattan’s, margaritas and bloody marys.

Public – 400 George Street
Public is another Brisbane cocktail bar that is known for both its drinks and its food. They have a number of amazing options when it comes to cocktails including many signature drinks.

In addition to their well known cocktails, Public also offers beer, cider and wine. Your best bet for a great evening at Public is to bring a friend or two, order a cocktail and share a plate.

Below 7 Lounge Bar – 190 Elizabeth Street
Below 7 Lounge Bar is located in the Hilton Hotel on Elizabeth Street. This is one of the more charming and sophisticated cocktail bars in the Brisbane CBD and can be a bit more on the formal side in the evening.

Red Hook – 88 Creek Street
You will also find Red Hook included on the list of where you can get a great cocktail in Brisbane.

This is a bar and restaurant that offers an American twist on their offerings from food like mac and cheese squares and fried pickles to cocktails like the New York Cheesecake made with Grey Goose vodka, raspberries, vanilla and a crushed biscuit rim.

Night Clubs In Brisbane

Though bars are great, when it comes to a weekend night, sometimes you just want to let loose and dance. There is where you will want to know about some of the best night clubs in Brisbane.

Whether you are looking for something trendy and fashionable or a place where you can simply let your hair down and relax, Brisbane can provide them all:

Friday’s Bar & Nightclub – 123 Eagle St
Friday’s nightclub is a Brisbane institution and if you haven’t been to Friday’s yourself, you have certainly heard of it from someone you know.

As one of the most well known night clubs in Brisbane, Friday’s offers the night club experience each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

There is a dress code, but it’s fairly casual, so most people don’t have a problem sticking with it.

The Family Night Club – 8 McLachlan Street
Though located in the Valley, The Family is still considered to be one of the best night clubs in Brisbane.

The club is comfortable, welcoming and totally fun, featuring DJ’s, top music, amazing drinks and several levels to choose from depending on what you are looking for. You will find techno, Top 40 and even a place to escape and chill with a nice drink.

The Stock Exchange – 131 Edward Street
When looking into clubs in Brisbane city, you are sure to stumble upon The Stock Exchange at some point. This is a club that is best known for the events they have each weekend.

You can dance, meet new people, drink cocktails and have a no-frills night out when you go to The Stock Exchange.

The Dome – 383 Adelaide
Another choice when looking for nightclubs in Brisbane is The Dome. This club offers two different levels, both featuring DJ’s and three different bars.

Though most people come to The Dome for dancing, if you want to rest, you will also find a number of couches and tables to sit at. They also have a few pool tables if you need a break.

The Met – 256 Wickham
Located in the Valley, The Met is another top pick for the best Brisbane nightclubs. This club has three different dance floors offering a bit of variety, perfect for any partier.

You will find R&B, techno and house music at The Met along with great drink specials and fun.

Bars and Night Clubs In The Valley (Fortitude Valley)

Though there have been a few bars and nightclubs in the Valley listed above, this area of the city needs a section all its own when it comes to nightlife.

Known for its party atmosphere, you can find anything and everything when it comes to bars and nightclubs in Fortitude Valley, including the following:

At Sixes & Sevens – 67 James Street
At Sixes & Sevens is one of the typical Brisbane valley bars and is highly recommended when you want to get a taste of what Fortitude Valley is all about.

The interior has a vintage style, they have a beautiful veranda and the food and drinks are some of the best around. Beer, cider, wine and spirits are all available at this Valley hangout.

Cru Bar – 22 James Street
Cru Bar is one of the bars in the Brisbane Valley that immediately shows off its classy side to customers.

This is an award winning restaurant with an extensive wine list . You will also find beer and cider on tap, bottled beers and spirits including gin, vodka, whiskey and absinthe.

Papa Jacks – 25 Connor Street
Papa Jacks is the type of place that you wouldn’t expect to find in Brisbane, but when it comes to bars in the Valley near Brisbane, anything goes.

This is a New Orleans themed restaurant and bar featuring great food and drinks from the ‘Big Easy.’ Burgers, traditional Creole fare, live music and drinks with the option of being served in a coconut shell are just a few of the things you will find at Papa Jacks.

The Press Club – 339 Brunswick Street
When it comes to Brisbane Valley nightclubs, The Press Club is one of the finer locations. This is the ultimate venue that offers a lot of class and luxury.

You will find a number of different options at The Press Club including live jazz. They also offer burlesque shows, outstanding cocktails and booth bookings available.

X&Y Bar – 648 Ann Street
X&Y Bar is the ultimate ‘come as you are’ bar and is certainly one of the best choices for anyone looking in Brisbane at the Valley nightlife.

X&Y Bar is a little bit bar, little bit nightclub and little bit live music venue, which gives it a lot of charm, something that many believe the Valley is lacking these days. Come in, order a cocktail and relive how the Valley used to be at X&Y Bar.


Most people don’t think of Brisbane as an international night life spot, but the truth is, there is a lot to do in ‘Bris Vegas’ once the sun goes down.

From cosy and casual bars and pubs that easily accommodate the after work crowd to the nightclubs that hold wall-to-wall people each weekend night, you will find it all when you start looking into the best bars and nightclubs in Brisbane.

Sex Brisbane – How And Where To Get Sex In Brisbane, From Hookups To FWB

Brisbane is an exciting city with a bristling nightlife known for an amazing pub scene, awesome dance clubs, and beautiful people looking for sex. Yes, sexy singles all looking for one thing, casual encounters Brisbane.

And why not?

Engaging in random sex in Brisbane is a very real possibility because adventurous, beautiful, and care-free Brisbanites are everywhere – you just have to know where to go and where to look.

For sex Brisbane, this article will show you where to find it, and how to get more of it!

You might be asking yourself: “Can I turn my fantasy into real casual sex? Or friends I just made into sex friends?”

And the answer is a definite yes.

Sex in Brisbane

In this article, we will show you exactly that – everything you need to know about Brisbane casual sex.

● We’ll “educate” you about the different types of sex – which can include a casual fuck hookup, mature sex, and occasional hot sex with friends – just to name a few.

● We’ll give you a rundown of the best casual hookup sites, the top sex apps, and our recommended sex personals so you can find someone anytime of day or night.

● For casual encounters online, we’ll show you the best sites and apps to meet people looking to hookup.

● If you’re looking for advice from the pros, you’ll need to consult with a sex blog – and we’ve listed some of the best in the business.

We’ll also give you answers to nagging questions such as:

● Is it possible to have casual sex every week?
● Which is better? Mature sex or young sex?
● Are there casual sex rules I should know about?
● Is it safe to get laid with strangers?

And for the guys – we’ve written a guide on how to a casual fuck partner in Brisbane. We’ll give you tips for getting laid that can take you from novice to legend in no time at all.

● Find out the most popular sex websites to visit so you’ll know where the action is!

● What are the best sex positions that would turn your friends to Friends With Benefits?

● We’ll tell you the casual hookup app you should use to score more often with the ladies.

● We’ll show you where to find fuck buddies in Brisbane who are in it only for fun – nothing serious!

You could be swapping sex stories with your buddies – ones that would get them scratching their heads and wishing they could be as successful as you.

This guide is all about sex sex sex … so let’s get started…

The randomness of casual sex makes it exciting – like a new adventure every time. The fun thing about sex is you can have it in many different ways. Imagine hooking up in different places, under different circumstances, and with different people.

Here are the different types of sex you can have. Which ones interest you the most?

Hookups – Hookups are more popularly known as the “one night stand”. It can happen between friends or strangers but there’s no emotional intimacy.

Get laid Brisbane? Easy! You can arrange a date with someone for only one purpose – to get laid!

For casual sex hookups Brisbane, visit sex dating sites such as FlingFinder, C-Date Australia, or Casual Match Club, or of course,

Casual Encounters – A casual encounter is similar to hookup in that it’s a one-night stand.

You meet someone at a bar, a coffee shop, at the gym or even online; have a chat over a few drinks, and then it happens. The sexual energy is too powerful to ignore.

For casual encounters Brisbane, your best bet would be to go through a popular dating sex app such as Tinder, Craigslist, Locanto, or this site,

Sex Brisbane

NSA (No Strings Attached) – NSA Brisbane, also known as No Strings Attached is exactly what it means – you have sex without any commitment to your partner. You have a no strings attached hookup for the pure pleasure of it – nothing more!

For NSA sex Brisbane, you can check out casual encounter listings in Craigslist and Locanto.

Friends With Benefits – This is a situation where you can have meaningful conversations and sex with a friend without worrying about hurting his or her feelings.

If you’re thinking if it’s possible to have friends with benefits Brisbane, we’ve lined up a list of sex dating websites that can give you advice, tips… and a few tricks on how to hookup with a friend you’ve always had the hots for.

Fuck Buddies – A Brisbane fuck buddy is a friend who is the perfect fit every time you fuck. It could be regular sex with an ex whom you can’t forget because she’s just so-o good in bed. Neither of you will say “No” for an invitation to fuck. Call her up, get together, fuck each other’s brains out, then go home – no need to snuggle.

If you’re looking for fuck buddies Brisbane, and who isn’t, visit some of the best adult sex sites such as BeNaughty, QuickFlirt, C-Date, NewHoney and

Mature Casual Sex – Mature sex is fucking someone with extensive experience and who may be older than you. It can be quite a mind-blowing experience because an older sex partner can do things to you that younger sex partners can’t.

For mature sex Brisbane, you can visit a sex hookup site for older people such as FlirtyMature or FlirtyOverFiftyDating, or right here on

How To Find Sex In Brisbane

Is it your favourite time of the week yet – casual sex Friday???

Brisbane is a city that’s bustling with business activity. But as they say, “All work and no play makes Jack -and Jill – dull and gray!”

Once the clock strikes five, Brisbanites are ready to let their hair down – and if you’re lucky – their undies as well! And it doesn’t have to be a Friday night.

You can have sex encounters every time you desire to have them – but you have to know where to look and where to go. We’ve removed the guesswork and show you how to find NSA sex in Brisbane.

Casual Sex Apps

From hailing a cab to work or having groceries delivered to your home, apps are created to make life easier – and pleasurable! You can download apps for sex and here are some of the best you should have on your smartphone.

Tinder – Tinder is promoted as a dating or matchmaking site. Those in the know are well aware that stories of sex romps are very real!

To fuck now Brisbane, Tinder is very easy to use. When you see a profile you like – swipe right. If it’s a pass – swipe left. Then, wait. If you get a match – this might lead to a sex meetup!

Adult Friend Finder – Adult Friend Finder might as well be called sex finder.

Members are willing to pay for a premium membership than stick to a free one because they get features that “cut through the chase” such as finding locals with the exact same carnal desires as you!

CasualX – Looking for BBW sex? How about Asian sex? Does a married fuck buddy turn you on? Are you wondering if there’s anyone out there who shares your anal sex fantasy?

To find single girls Brisbane, wonder no more with CasualX- where you can find people who are seeking hookups the same way as you.

Bang With Friends – Some call this a Facebook sex app because it tracks your Facebook friends as well as the friends of their friends who are “down” for a fuck.

Formerly called Down Dating, Bang With Friends might make you realise accepting the friend request from the office newbie was a step toward making casual encounters at work a reality!

Pure – If you want to find local hot girls without the need to charm your way into their undies, Pure is the casual dating sex app for you.

To find a fuck Brisbane, Push keeps the site anonymous by erasing your information every hour and removing inhibitions. You might want to raise the stakes and post your nude pics to make your intentions ring louder and clearer.

Casual Sex Sites

Casual sex in Australia has become a massively popular activity and Brisbane has become “the” destination city for Australians who want casual hookups with no strings attached.

While on a night in the town, don’t be surprised to see married people and singles working their magic to get a hot sex buddy – or perhaps a sex party going – for the night.

For casual sex Brisbane, we suggest going local. That is shoot for local sex though a local website or app.

To save you time, we’ve listed the top websites where you can find valuable information on how to find random fuck partners in Brisbane.

These sites will tell you where to go and flirt with the most beautiful women and getting laid is just a few drinks away!


Ashley Madison – Australians see nothing wrong with having a sex affair.

Proof of this is that an average of 12,000 Australians are signing up at Ashley Madison for the opportunity to have a sex relationship outside marriage.

Despite the security breach in 2015, Australia remains a big market for Ashley Madison. The website has maintained its reputation for discreet casual arrangements.

BeNaughty – With a reported 89% success rate, BeNaughty is one of the best sites to build your list of local sex contacts.

And with a ratio of 52:48 women, BeNaughty is a great site to visit and increase your chances of having regular sex with women!

At BeNaughty, it all starts with a sex chat but if you follow the site’s tips and rules on casual hookup etiquette, they guarantee a one-night-stand every time!

LoveAholics AU – LoveAholics is matchmaking site that is a free sex site. In 2 steps, you might have a fuck session lined up for the night.

First, create an online profile on the site. Second, upload your sexiest pics. Done.

For more features such as video chat, viewing sex videos or images, and sending flirt-casts, you need to pay for a Premium Membership.

C-Date – For a fun and interesting fuck buddy app, look no further than C-Date. This is where you can hookup with married swingers or find casual fuck partners who share your interests.

You can also play random sex games or flirt to your heart’s content at C-Date’s sex chat rooms. – is a casual fuck dating website that attracts people who are interested in just that – one-night-stands and not relationships. Nail and bail – no fear of turning nsa sex into relationship drama. has received many positive reviews for hookup sites. If it’s just a random fuck you’re looking for, is a site to consider. (this site you’re on now) – with you’ll find only local Brisbane singles looking for sex hookups. Casual only, no relationships… unless things develop that way of course. Signup for free today

Casual Sex Brisbane

Social Media Sites

Who would have thought social media sites would be some of the best free sex sites you can visit? For many, social media is a race – getting the highest number of friends or likes.

You may have received a friend invite from a stranger whose page is packed with scantily-clad photos and messages. So why not click “Accept” and explore the possibility of experiencing mind-blowing casual NSA sex?

Here are some of the best social media sites to check out and see if you can get casual friend sex:

Facebook – The world’s biggest social media network can also be one of the best sites for getting sex for free! There are many Facebook sex group pages on the network.

Of course, earlier we mentioned Facebook’s sex app, Bang With Friends.

Reddit – You can find hookup blogs on the site with regularity. A sex blog on Reddit can share information about how to get free sex, how to start casual group sex, and advice on how to initiate sex between friends.

Classifieds Sites

For personals Brisbane, check out the popular classified advertisement websites listed below because these sites allow sex ads to be published.

Yes, you can find ads for casual encounters on Craigslist and Locanto.

Locanto – sex ads are commonplace on the classified advertising website.

You might be lucky enough to find a hot Brisbanite who wants to fuck now or someone who isn’t interested in a “meaningful relationship”, but sex only.

Craigslist – Craigslist is notorious for posting casual encounter classifieds that promote casual fuck meetups.

Is there an opportunity for casual sex near me? Search ‘casual sex girls’ or ‘casual sex women’ to find local ladies looking to hookup.

Gumtree – If you’re looking for casual encounter ads, you won’t have to look far and long.

This popular classified ad website from the United Kingdom has developed a reputation as one of the legit sex sites in Brisbane.

People who have used Gumtree report of getting easy sex after responding to an ad.

Casual Sex Dating – Setting Up Your Profile

Setting up an online dating profile can seem like a daunting task. You don’t want to come across as conceited and at the same time – you wouldn’t want to seem desperate.

For adult dating Brisbane, by following our simple and easy tips on how to set up your online dating profile, you could be having more women for easy hookups than you ever could have imagined.

1. Choose the Right Images

A picture’s worth a thousand words… take your time in choosing the right images for your profile.

Here are some pointers to get noticed in sex hookup sites:

● Smile! Believe it or not, 96% of people who smile in their photo are more likely to get laid than those who do a sexy pout.

● Selfies are fine but most of your pics should be taken by another person. This shows your potential sex buddy that you are sociable.

● Workout shots are nice – but they shouldn’t be the only action pics in your profile. If you look at some of the adult sex sites, there are images of people doing other fun stuff like playing a guitar, cooking, or flying a kite.

● It’s nice to be direct to the point – that you’re here for sex sex more sex! But don’t post your sex photos online. Keep the pics family friendly, as women don’t like dick pics.

2. Stay Clear of Cliches

Sure you want people to think you’re not just a pretty face with a hot bod. But putting sex quotes that have become cliche such as “I long for an intimate connection, but that longing makes me vulnerable” make you cheesy, not a target for quick sex.

Images can also be cliche. Avoid using pics showing you walking along the beach or drinking red wine as you gaze at the sunset. People might double-guess if you’re looking for a sex buddy or relationship partner!

So to ensure you get what you’re looking for, a Brisbane fuck, only add things to your profile that will attract a girl for that reason, not so she’s thinking of your as marriage material.

3. Be Positive

If you’re a negative person, no one would want to meet for sex. Yes, sex dates are NSA and non-committal. But no one wants to do a sour puss.

Other than showing off your nice smile, avoid posting negative pictures and share a side of you that makes others feel you’re fun – and safe – to be with.

4. Keep Your Profile Updated

If there are new developments in your life that may increase interest in your online dating profile, put it in. Even though people in these sites are looking for random adult sex, they will prefer someone who arouses their interest.

5. Avoid Errors in Spelling and Grammar

While you’re not applying for a job, errors in spelling and grammar are big no-no’s when creating your online dating profile.

Yes, people will be putting more focus on your physical attributes, but make no mistake about it. Errors in spelling and grammar are a major turn-off. Instead of random sex you’ll likely end up with none at all.

6. Don’t Use Deal Breakers

It should be one of the rules of no-commitment sex dating – don’t include deal breakers such as “must love dogs” or “Catholics Only”. Remember, you’re here for hot ‘n’ steamy adult sex, not a potential life partner!

Casual Dating Brisbane – How To Guide For Guys

The Brisbane sex scene is GROWING. The topic of casual encounters for women is no longer taboo. Many gorgeous ladies in Brisbane are in on it.

But you just can’t walk up to a girl in a bar or at your office and ask for it. You have to be strategic and measured in your approach. Remember, you’re not alone in the hunt. There are other guys on the prowl for Brisbane sex buddies.

To help you win, we’ve added this ‘get laid’ guide. Follow our simple tips and you could have multiple friends with benefits on call…

1. Find a good site/app

The Internet is packed with free sex dating sites. A bit of research will help you find the best sex apps for iPhone, the best Android hookup app, and the best sex website. We’ve covered a few of these apps and sites.

You can find just about any type of sexual partner or fetish you can think of on these sites and apps. For dogging Brisbane, you can find such special interests with specific searches or find threads in forums and classified ads sites.

To be honest, these free sex sites reserve the best features for the paid membership. However, for purposes of finding out which one is the “best”, you can read the reviews of the best hookup apps or better yet, give them a try.

Most if not all of these sites will give you a one-month free trial. Go for it to get a feel of the service. Once you’ve identified “the one”, sign up for a Premium Membership to unlock all the best features.

When you compare what you’d spend on a night out on the town to ‘hopefully’ meet a girl, let alone end up having sex with her, dating sites could be considered cheap sex in Brisbane if you weigh up the time and money involved in trying traditional methods of getting laid.

It may take some time but through trial-and-error you will know what is the best casual encounter dating app for you.

2. Search locally

Why go far when you can get laid nearby?

For a hookup Brisbane, be on the lookout in the classifieds for free sex ads by a local casual sex club. Maybe you have to bring a bottle, a partner, or both but if you get lucky, you might get invited to a sex party.

As we discussed, you can visit classified advertising sites such as Locanto or Craigslist and come Sex Wanted ads. That may sound to be the fastest way to get local sex but don’t jump in right away – read our next tip.

3. Chat, flirt and arrange a coffee/drink meetup

Slow down… get to know the girl first. Yes, you’re not looking for a relationship but this isn’t casual sex porn. Don’t expect a fuck without making her feel like you care – at least for a little bit.

Invite her for coffee or a drink after work, whatever works for her. Be a good listener – women love that!

Make her laugh… show off your wit… turn on the charm offensive by being sympathetic. If she opens herself to you that means she’s comfortable being around you.

Be patient and don’t rush things. Some women take time to come around and realise – “Hey, this is fun – I really needed this!”

Before you know it, you could be having car sex outside the bar!

4. Give her good sex!

Whether you’re having public sex or in the privacy of your bedroom, some good sex advice to keep in mind is to give her the fuck of her life.

If you make her come many times, she’ll come back for more! You get free sex every time.

Good sex is a skill. And like all skills – to get better you need constant repetition! It’s also a learning process. There are free sex videos you can watch from the most popular porn sites. Take note of how the pros do it.

When you’re having sex, be aware of what she likes and how she likes it. Does she prefer slow casual sex? If so, take the aggression level a few notches lower and allow her the pleasure of having multiple orgasms.

At the end of the night, whenever she thinks of you, she’ll want sex sex and sex and still more sex!

So to find a fuck in Brisbane, if your game is tight, you may not have to go far looking for it, it’ll come to you through reputation.

5. Turn sex into a friends with benefits or fuck buddy arrangement

Sometimes intimate relationships don’t work out. But if the only thing perfect with your ex is the sex, regular hookups with ex is perfectly fine. Your ex can remain a friend – a Friend with Benefits or simply a go-to fuck buddy.

Casual sex after break up is normal among exes. The love may have gone but if the sexual chemistry is great, why not keep it going?

For sure, she’ll be cool with it. Talk about the FWB arrangement with her and make sure you stick to the casual sex relationship rules – this is a platonic relationship that’s based purely on getting great sex all the time.

And fuck buddy arrangements aren’t limited to your ex. You can have a sex buddy among your close friends or at work.

For a casual fuck Brisbane, some of the easiest are right under your nose… at work.

Spending 9-to-5 at work, 5 days a week will surely get you to meet your match – someone where the sexual tension is undeniable.

Follow tip #3 and casual office sex is something you can look forward to at work. And if you do your “job” as described in tip #4, then the 9-to-5 grind will certainly be more exciting and thrilling.

Brisbane Casual Hookups

Casual Sex Pros And Cons

Is casual sex ok?

Yes… having no-commitment sex with a friend or with someone you just met is always fun and exciting.

There are many benefits of regular hookups that make the act worth the while.

So to meet and fuck Brisbane, it’s a good idea to weigh up your options, the sites and apps you’ll find girls on, as well as taking into account the pros and cons of each.

Casual Sex Pros

1. Sow Your Seeds Freely – No commitments! You get to score with someone different every night. No sob stories, no snuggling, no “get me something to drink” – nothing but NSA sex.

2. Fit Sex In Your Day – The I Love Sex and I Want Sex mentalities are perfect for those with a busy day. Find a Fuck Buddy or an FWB who shares these ways of thinking and get laid every day!

3. No Pressure Sex – When you know for sure this is no dilemma between casual sex vs relationship sex – there’s no pressure to perform! You can be your horny self and live out your fantasies every night.

4. Good For Your Health – Ah yes! There must be a health benefit to having ongoing sex. There are studies that show casual sex is fantastic for your immune system. Sex also boosts production of sex hormones that improve your skin tone.

5. Stress Relief – There is also a study that shows sex is good for your mental health and well-being. So when you’re stressed out, reach out to your FB for a quick “therapy” session!

6. Keeps You In Shape – Don’t you feel more excited having sex with a stranger that with your spouse or girlfriend? Your heart rate is much higher and you sweat more. Some people say you burn 700 calories more when you have casual sex than relationship sex.

Casual Sex Cons

1. Health Risks – Acquiring a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is a risk of sex with multiple partners. Even with protection, there is the slight risk of your condom breaking.

2. Psychos – Many of these totally free sex sites do not vet their members. You might end up with someone who seems normal but turns into a psycho after a romp in the sack with you.

Go to any sex forum. There’s always at least one person who shares an experience of getting involved with a clinger straight out of “Fatal Attraction”.

3. Lust Turns to Love – Of course, there’s always that risk that everything turns from casual arrangements to relationship sex. It may not be that bad but then you’ll forego the freedom casual hookups used to afford you.

4. The Blackmailer – There’s always the risk of having sex with someone who has more than carnal pleasure in his/her mind. A sex tape may have been made without you knowing. Sex pictures may have been taken secretly.

While these cons are a reality, the likelihood of them happening are very slim, so stay safe, stay smart and make the most of your single days.

Guys… Know Which Type of Woman You’re Looking For

Sex is an opportunity to live out your sexual fantasies. You can have amazing fuck sessions with the woman of your dreams. That’s why you need to know your market.

Who are you on the hunt for as casual fuck buddy?

We all have different tastes in who we want to hookup with. To get the most out of your Brisbane casual dating experiences you should focus your energies on the one who fits your bill.

When you’re on top of her – or behind, whatever sex positions you prefer – you should be thinking “I can’t believe I’m fucking the brains out of this chick! Woo-hoo!” not “what time is it?”

Sure, you have to get to know her first. Let her feel comfortable around you. But make no mistake about it – sex is first and foremost a physical experience.

Ages: (30’s, 40’s, etc) – Do you like your FWB mature and experienced or in her early 20’s?

Mature women can be more understanding of the situation. They know sex is just for fun and enjoyment.

Younger girls can be emotionally vulnerable – they can easily fall in love with you if you’ve won their trust AND you’re great in bed.

If you tell a girl that you’ll “call her” – you better do. Reputation spreads fast in this age of social media and mobile connectivity. The last thing you want is to have your reputation tarnished in the Brisbane casual sex scene.

Sizes: (BBW, busty, curvy, tall, etc) – Banging a lingerie model is not everyone’s idea of hot sex. Some dudes prefer more meat on their ladies. On the other hand, some prefer the athletic type – with abs, toned arms and legs.

Know your physical type, gents! How your Brisbane sex buddy is built is a BIG part of the experience.

Sometimes though, it’s hard to tell based on the dress they’re wearing or if the room is dimly-lit. In these situations, include these questions during your pre- sex conversations:

● “You look like you workout! How often do you hit the gym?”
● “Do you play sports? I’m asking because I couldn’t help but notice your toned arms.”
● “Do you believe in any of those fad diets?”

Their answers will give you a hint if they’re physically active or watch their diets. Remember to phrase your questions in ways that flatter the women.

Types: (blonde, red head, etc) – Types based on hair preference or ethnicity can vary from one night to the next.

You could have your sights set on having local sex with a blond-haired girl then opt to fuck a redhead the following night.

Brisbane is also home to many beautiful women of various ethnicities including Asians, Hispanics, and Africans, to name a few. Some are in town for holidays or work. Many have called the city their permanent home.

To fuck women Brisbane, on any given night, you could find yourself staring wide-eyed in a bar packed with a United Nations of gorgeous women! They can certainly make you think twice on your type of women for casual fucking.

Situation: (with kids, divorced, etc) – This can be a bit tricky. So you find yourself drawn to the woman of your dreams for the evening. You have a few drinks, swap stories, and have a good laugh. The evening has gone so well thus far.

Then you make your move. She says she’s fine with it but drops a bombshell.

She tells you she’s married. Or divorced but with kids.

What do you do?

For some, these types of situations are not deal-breakers. As long as the woman understands this is just an NSA-type of thing, then, the sex hookup is perfectly fine.

After all, she’s here right? Why else would she be with you at this time and place if she wasn’t looking for a fuck buddy Brisbane?

Married casual sex is more complicated. If things get more intense and both of you wish to continue, discreet FWB sex will be the way to go. But if the sex affair gets complicated – be ready to let go right away.

Casual Sex Q&A

Q: Why Casual Sex?

People get into casual sex for many reasons but primarily because it’s fun and exciting.

Married people or those who are in a committed relationship will engage in sexual arrangements because they’re bored with their partners and want more excitement in their sex lives.

Q: Is Casual Sex Wrong?

Casual sex is wrong when it hurts other people – for example, if you learn that your sex partner is married with kids and her partner has found out and has decided to end the marriage.

If you understand the risks of casual sex and continue to engage in adventurous play such as unprotected sex, casual anal sex, and casual group sex – then you put yourself and your partner at risk. So be smart, and stay safe!

Q: Where Can I Find Casual Sex In My Area?

Read our tips guide a few sections earlier. We shared valuable tips on how to find hookup partners in Brisbane using the best apps, real casual sex sites, and by looking for the right classified ads.


The sex scene in Brisbane is growing fast! Don’t get left behind and lose out on your opportunity to engage in fun and exciting NSA sex with different partners.

Follow our tips and be ready for the best sex experiences of your life!

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Stereotypical Guys Dating: 7 Thigs We Do And Why We Shouldn’t

How Guys Can Hookup In Brisbane More By Avoiding Male Stereotypes

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If you want to have luck with the ladies, there are definitely some things that you should keep in mind. First of all, you should know that there are certain things that guys do, that can be seen as a little stereotypical.

Women certainly know this and if you are looking for casual sex in Brisbane, you should probably also know that things like this will turn women off.

In order to be successful when it comes to Brisbane casual sex, it is important that you identify these things and avoid doing them.

And when you do get it right, it means more free sex in Brisbane just from a little change in your behaviours…

Here are seven stereotypical things guys do and why you should avoid doing them:

1 – Put Out the Vibe that You Only Want Sex

One of the biggest stereotypes out there is that sex is all men want. This isn’t true, however. Many men are looking for a friend, too.

Though you might not want to get into a serious relationship, a friendly relationship that is based on sex can be a perfect compromise between the extremely casual and extremely serious. Make sure to tell women that you would love to be friends, just not a couple.

2 – That You Always Want Control

Another stereotype about men that women believe is that men always have control. Many men do show off a controlling side, but many women don’t realise it’s because they won’t often make the first move.

Remember, it is possible for you to come across as the nice guy, which is what women want, whilst still keeping some control, but only if she isn’t making the moves.

3 – That You are Always Good in Bed

Women also think that guys think they are all good in bed. This isn’t true, however. Many guys struggle with not feeling like they are good when it comes to sex.

Though many guys act like they are good, this isn’t always a good thing to do.  Allow the women to offer advice and you won’t look like you have a big ego.

4 – That You are Lazy or Messy

Women also might hesitate to come over to a guys house because they believe they are messy or lazy. The truth is, however, is that many guys are very neat and many women are quite messy.

You can avoid this stereotype by making sure you are cleaning up your place before inviting a woman over for sex.

5 – That You Aren’t Romantic

Women also believe that most men are not romantic. This is certainly a stereotype that you can easily fix.

The next time you have a woman over, put on some soft music, candles and turn on the romance.

Even though you might be in a casual sex relationship, that doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic.

6 – That You Don’t Have Feelings

Many women will have a more difficult time distinguishing between emotional feelings and physical feelings when in a relationship.

This is why it seems as if more women fall in love with their Brisbane casual sex partners than men do.

However, many men also have feelings for their partners, they just might not want a relationship. By showing her that your feelings are independent of the fact that you aren’t looking for a commitment, you can easily downplay this stereotype.

7 – That You Want to Try Crazy Positions or Acts in the Bedroom

Finally, you will find that many women believe that all men want to try crazy things in bed that they would never dream of.

The truth is, however, is that many women are into trying new things in the bedroom as well, so you shouldn’t worry about this part of your Brisbane casual sex relationship.

Instead. have fun with your partner!